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These simple but sparkly Cross shaped Navel bars will look great in your piercing (without making you look like a nun, not that there's anything wrong with nuns, we just don't expect them to have Navel piercings! Would be awesome if they did though!)
Diamante Cross Navel Bars
This cross has a drop on it meaning it will hang just over your navel so as to not interfere with those waistbands although it's still not advisable to wear with high waisted pieces of clothing.
Large Diamante Cross Navel Bar
This Cross is in the shape of an Iron Cross with different coloured crystals in each arm of the cross. These hang just over the navel leaving you able to put jeans, skirts, or anything else on without any risk of catching them in the waistband.
Iron Cross Multi-Coloured Navel Bar
It's your lucky day! This navel bar has 2 crosses! One of them drops so will hang slightly below the navel so we advise a bit of precaution with waistbands and we advise to avoid high waisted clothes when wearing this particular design.
Double Cross Navel Bar
This design has crystals that make up an outline of a cross so we can still see a hint of skin behind it. This will hang just below the navel so be careful with wasitbands (particularly high waisted ones)!
Crystal Outline Cross Navel Bar
This Cross navel bar is very glamorous and sparkly, perfect for those girls who like a bit of sparkle!
Large Glamorous Cross Navel Bar
This cross shaped navel bar is beautifully designed with different sized crystals to form the shape of a very sparkly cross!
Large Crystal Cross Navel Bars