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Angel Wing Navel Bar will make you look as angelic as you feel!
Angel Wing Navel Bar
If you're a music fan, get your Navel piercing in tune with the rest of your body and grab yourself this beautiful piece of jewellery!
Treble Clef Navel Bar
Have a look at the beautiful Crystal Drop range, all shapes to go in your Navel piercings and the best part is you can get one of each for all moods and outfiits! They all are made with small crystals and they glitter and sparkle in the sun!
Crystal Drop Navel Bar Range
This Navel bar has 3 graduating crystals held in with clasps and encased in a slim outer edge.
Graduating Teardrop Navel Bar
This Navel bar has a diamond shaped crystal with a small design that holds the crystal into place. This has a very low profile drop so won't catch on clothing but is still a risk to high waisted clothing depending on how high they go!
Diamond Shaped Drop Navel Bar
This elegant design has 8 graduating crystals in 4 different sizes and one hanging crystal at the bottom of the graduation. The Crystals really shine in the light so whether you're just flitting about your house with it on show, out doing some shopping or on holiday tanning it up, it will look perfect in every scene.
Graduating Chanderlier Navel Bar
This piece of jewellery is as elegant as a real chandelier from your mansion dreams (don't lie everyone has dreams of living in a mansion) ! Still haven't got your own mansion? No worries, get one of these and you're halfway there!
Chandelier Navel Bar