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Feeling a bit blue? Get your self some sparkle and cheer yourself up with these!
1.2mm Baby Blue Glitzy Balls (coated)
Sparkle just like the star at the top of the Christmas tree with these!
1.2mm Clear Glitzy Balls (coated)
These shine multiple different colours depending which type of light they are under!
1.2mm AB Glitzy Balls (coated)
If you like pink and you like sparkle you've come to the right place!
1.2mm Pink Glitzy Balls (Coated)
These will make you sparkle, just in time for Christmas too!
1.2mm Turquoise Glitzy Balls
Like darker jewellery but still want that sparkle in the light? Well here's the perfect chance right here!
Black Glitzy Balls
These balls are suitable for all 1.2mm externally threaded jewellery and look great in lip piercings, all ear piercings (including ear-rims and tragus piercings)
1.2mm x 3mm Coloured Balls
Slightly smaller than 1.6mm x 5mm but suitable for all the same piercings except tongue piercings.
1.6mm x 4mm Coloured Balls
Perfect for tongue piercings, nipple piercings, conch piercings,  scaffold piercings, surface piercings, navel piercings and any other 1.6mm threaded jewellery
1.6mm x 5mm Coloured Balls