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These pretty little leaves remind us of Spring and Autumn when you get a range of colours on the tree's. Perfect if you're a fan of leaves or nature in general.
Leaf Shaped Navel Bars
This beautiful and delicate dreamcatcher design navel bar comes in a range of colours. Yes, even your favourite colour!
Dreamcatcher Navel Bar
This one reminds us of those intricate Henna tattoo's and the rich culture behind them. So if you like Henna, get yourself one of these fancy heart shaped navel bars.
Henna Style Crystal Heart Navel Bar
Small round crystal with a heart shaped crystal dropping underneath that has a small pair of wings unfolding from behind it.
Small Crystal Heart with Wings
This navel bar has tiny little diamantes forming the shape of a heart as the main feature and has a small flower just above the heart as a little added extra!
Diamante Drop Heart Navel Bar
Have you ever loved someone so much you've wanted to give them more than 1 heart? Now you can! Your heart and these little hearts add up to the perfect gift!
Triple Linked Heart Navel Bar
This is a beautiful heart shaped navel bar with claw-set crystals encapsulating the heart, helping to form the shape of it. There is a a small heart shaped pendant inside the outer heart aswell to add that little special something.
Large Claw-Set Crystal Heart Navel Bar
This heart has lots of small crystals making up the shape of a heart. This hangs just below the navel so is perfect for all normal waistbands.
Medium Crystal Heart Navel Bar
This has Claw-set Crystals on the outside of the heart to make it pop. These crystals shine and sparkle against the skin and you can get a matching Septum clicker too!
Claw-Set Crystal Heart Navel Bar
This is a large heart with 5 short chains falling from the bottom half of the heart with little crystals at the ends.
Heart Waterfall Navel Bar
Three gorgeous pink hearts in descending size. These will hang just above a normal waistband.
Triple Heart Drop Navel Bar
Beautifully clear crystal cut into the shape of a heart. This has no drop on it so you can wear it with everything!
Heart Shaped Crystal Navel Bar