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The aftercare of a body piercing is important to promote good healing and prevent the risk of infection. Healing times for piercing will vary with the type and position of the piercing and vary from person to person. For the first few weeks it is normal for the area to be red, tender and swollen.


Hand washing

Hand washing is the single most important method of reducing infection. Hands must be washed prior to touching the affected area, therefore reducing the risk of infection. Wash your hands in warm water and liquid soap; always dry your hands thoroughly with a clean towel or paper towel. This should remove most germs and prevent them being transferred to the affected area.


Signs of infection

If appropriate aftercare is not followed infection may occur. The signs of infection are:

-Swelling and redness that increases around the wound.

-A severe burning and throbbing sensation round the site.

-Increased tenderness and increasingly painful to touch.

-An unusual discharge (yellow or green) with an offensive smell.


The risk of infection can be greatly reduced by good general hygiene including:

-Hand washing before touching the piercing.

-Keeping the piercing clean and dry.